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The Science
Equine Wellbeing


Welcome to Equionics.

The fact that you are already here means that you are looking for ways to keep your horse in the very best of shape.

Owned, managed and run by fellow equestrians, Equionics aims to deliver whole horse health solutions to the equestrian community.


Whether your horse is retired or in rehabilitation, in full competition work or just ridden for pleasure, we can help you to not only treat any issue but look to prevent it occurring again in the future.


Following on from your initial assessment, this treatment will continue to - enhance your horses muscle tone and range of motion - reduce inflammation and swelling in the...
Sports Massage
1 h
Equine Massage
Helen Reynolds Equine Massage


Am I covered?

Often complementary treatments can be covered by your Insurance Company as part of a claim following injury.Whilst we are happy to provide detailed invoices and reports to support this, please note it is your responsibility to provide payment for any treatment and seek direct reimbursement from the Insurers.

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