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All about us

Welcome to Equionics.

The fact that you are already here means that you are looking for ways to keep your horse in the very best of shape. So you've come to the right place.

Owned, managed and run by fellow equestrians, Equionics aims to deliver whole horse health solutions to the equestrian community.


Whether your horse is retired or in rehabilitation, in full competition work or just ridden for pleasure, we can help you to not only treat any issue but look to prevent it occurring again in the future.

The fully qualified and insured Equionics team work throughout the UK and Europe delivering a variety of treatments and clinics to horses just like yours: 

- Performance Horses ( Dressage, Show jumping, Eventing)

- Trot racing

- Riding School

- Rehabiliation

- Riding Club

- Special performance ( Jousting, Skill at Arms)

- Polo teams

- Retired

As Equine Therapists, we work very closely with other equine professionals such as Farriers, Saddlers, Trainers and Vets. Equionics is not an alternative for Veterinary medicine but can complement and work with current advisements. In Accordance with the Veterinary Act 1966, Veterinary consent must be sought prior to any treatment   

All of our Therapists are experienced equestrians and hold current first aid certificates in both Human and Equine. They attend regular CPD and "think tank" seminars to revisit current methods and learn and adopt new procedures from their peers as well as training other therapy professionals.

Our Founder is an FEI Permitted Equine Therapist and is lucky enough to work with the FEI at The Olympic Games delivering thermography services.

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