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You probably have a hundred and one questions you would like to ask and we are happy to answer all of them but here are four that might just reduce that list.

For further queries, please do ask to the office or your therapist

  • Do I have to contact my Vet for consent?
    Not necessarily. This is something the Equionics team can do. All we ask is that you complete our consent form will the the necessary details and leave the rest to us.
  • Do I have to be present for a treatment?
    We appreciate that with busy working lives it is not always possible for you to be available during the appointment. If this is the case, all we ask is that you give us prior notice. Therefore we can ensure we have an additional handler. If the appointment requires that your horse be seen ridde, it is your responsibility to ensure a suitable subsitutute rider is available. Equionics will not ride your horse. Please note that for first time visit we do require that you are present as we do take a detailed history from you. For repeat visits we can do this via the telephone or a catch up before the appointment.
  • How quickly will my horse recover?
    One of the most popular questions and most difficult to answer. There are many factors to consider in a treatment for any injury or issue. How long has the horse been having the problem? Has anything changed to resolve the problem from happening again? How healthy is the horse? How accomodating is the horse? As well as what treatment the horse is actually having. Imagine you have a sore back ( as a horse owner you probably do!) If you go to the massage practice and get an hours massage. Do you come out bouncing around? Chances are no... Your muscles are sore and have probably been in spasm for a while, they need chance to re-adjust, expel any toxins and start to relax.. Often the next day you feel hit by a bus. Your horse is no different. Part of the process is understanding how the issue arose and making sure you prevent it happening again. That could be coming from you as a rider in your positioning in your saddle, through to how your horse behaves at turnout. It's for this reason that Equionics looks at the WHOLE horse and the WHOLE situation.
  • I worry about cross contamination and diseases like strangles
    Rest assured so do we. At Equionics we change uniform every time we move onto a new yard and ensure that not only ourselves are risk free but also our equipment. All equipment post treatment is washed down with Virkon. Virkon delivers proven performance against over 500 strains of viruses, bacteria and fungi including Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), Avian Influenza, Salmonella and Campylobacte. For further details pleas visit Should you feel that your horse maybe suffering from any potentially contagious problem, please do call the office and speak to a member of the team prior to visit.
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