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Dancing Ponies shall go to the ball

I think it's the 28th July... the days here all merge into one and are more so regarded as "competition" or "non-competition" days.

Today was the last day of the Dressage competition and tension was certainly a little more intense that the previous days. I managed to see the majority of the tests from the top corner of the arena, dashing back to image the horses before entry and heading into bit check.

Having very much settled into the process of everything now, as well as recognising people with their masks on, I do have to keep reminding myself I am at the Olympics... not a local Area Festival competition. From volunteers to FEI Stewards, Vets to Farriers, everyone has been so welcoming and it's such a great opportunity to network and make new connections. The cool kids to hang out with have certainly been the Farriers, who also have a great stash of tea!

One of the most wonderful part of being behind the scenes is to be able to see the reaction of the competitors as they find out their placings. I certainly was right place right time last night, when it was announced to Charlotte and Pumpkin that they had secured bronze in the individual test. A momentous moment for sure and with that medal came a new record.... to become Britain's most decorated Olympian.

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