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I'm leaving on a jet plane..... Tokyo 2020 +1....

So having sat at home twiddling my thumbs in isolation, it's now my time to do battle with the M25 and get to Heathrow T5. For anyone that has ever been to this terminal, you will know that its a great place to have a shop, kick back have a bite to eat and await the time to board your plane. Well my oh my how COVID has changed things. Heathrow was like a ghost town and most shops shut. Oh well at least the credit card didn't get a bashing!

I was greeted onto the JAL plane with smiles and bows from the fabulous on board staff for my 12 hr journey to Haneda, Tokyo.

With a fair wind behind us, we made it in a slightly lesser time. This was in my opinion more likely due to the lack of people on board. If only every International flight could always be this quiet. Having heard from many others that it has taken up to 6hrs to clear all the COVID checks and immigration, I entered the queue with my massive pile of paperwork in hand. I am glad to report that I managed to clear in 3hrs and along with another UK based Vet, Tessa Harmer, we gladly jumped into our private transport.

As a weary traveller, the sight of a luxury hotel, with staff who are just willing to please could not have been more welcomed. Having managed to grab a quick rice bowl in the Private Dining room, that bed could not have been more appealing. Time to set my alarm for 4.15am, ready for the 5am private transfer to the Equestrian Park ( EQP).

Night night.......

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