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Twas the night before ... XC and all round the house

Everyone is trying to sleep and get an early night as its a 3am start tomorrow for us folks!

Tomorrow sees the XC, the pinnacle event in the equestrian Olympic schedule and the hard work that has happened behind the scenes comes into full effect.

The horses were collected by a ferry of the wonderful JRA horseboxes, which are like the limos of the horse transport world. Air conditioned and full comfort awaits them.

However, until then the residents of the stables have been enjoying as much downtime as they possibly can. The facilities here allow for hand walking, relaxing, grazing and this is why the horses remain so chilled.

The dressage phase for the eventers concluded this morning and on the whole the horses temperatures were pretty as expected in the conditions. The mornings certainly see rapid temperature changes and this has been reflected in what I have been recording pre and post competition.

But now my focus is all about tomorrow and getting those eventers round their course and on their way to their medal wins and for me that starts with maintaining the welfare of the horse and ensuring they are fit and ready for the challenge ahead. So with that in mind it's an early night for me,

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