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Oh how we love a pumpkin

More dressage today and of course its CJD's test that everyone is keen to watch.

But before that there is the normal horse monitoring that needs to be done. However a little light relief is also provided. They are giving out wonderful guides for how to make origami pieces and I picked up the " how to make a horse"

Its then off for ... you guessed it, some monitoring of the stables. With air conditions changing, I have been monitoring the bedding that has mainly been in use as well. Shavings, just the the UK, seem to be the most popular, with just one on cardboard and a handful on straw.

Lunch today is a bento box again. Really really wanting a salad! And I think I would actually cut off my left hand for a cup of tea. It really has become quite comical with the trades going on. Certain areas seem to have coffee and with the lack of sleep everyone currently is experiencing, coffee has become like an illicit drug which people will sell their soul to get hold of. We are unable to purchase an merchandise here directly either as the shops are closed, however, we seem to have managed to get a delivery via the online shop, which incidentally now keeps crashing! The stiff upper British lips are gradually dropping and the debacle of the transport last night nearly ended up in emotional riots and lots of tears. Many of us are covering an 18 plus hour day. I had a 20hr day today.... but the adrenaline of the circumstances seem to get you through.

It was great to be able to watch Isabell Werth and Charlotte do battle and I think I rode every tempi with them last night... Off for some much needed sleep

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