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Scary Fillers

Everyone amateur showjumper I know groans when they see fillers in the arena at their local SJ competition. Well imagine having some of these... they are rather sinister up close I have to admit!.

It's eventing SJ day and the arena has been set up so we were able to wander around and have a look at the awesome jumps. They look so stunning and the pictures do not do them justice, they do actually look quite inviting. The attention to detail is wonderful and almost makes me want to jump on board myself!

I have made some wonderful friends and contacts whilst here and it seems it doesn't matter where you are in the world, the place to go to is the farriers forge. Always welcoming, always have tea and you can be guaranteed a good sense of humour and banter. So in accordance with the laws of obtaining memento's whilst here, I traded some posters today for an Olympic shoe, which will take pride of place within the farriers bay ( or nail bar as my husband calls it) back at home.

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